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Energy from Biomass and Waste

Feasibility study for biomass gasification and CHP technology

Stopford was commissioned by a global defense company to assess the viability of using a biomass gasification CHP technology for the generation of heat and power at one of their manufacturing facilities. The study involved assessment of on-site energy demand, calculation of anticipated energy outputs from the selected gasification technology, development of a flexible financial model accounting for income streams arising from government incentives, carbon reduction calculations, a plant layout plan and a site layout plan.

Expansion of waste processing facility and inclusion of energy generation

Stopford Energy & Environment Ltd are currently acting as technical consultants for a national project development company to support the development of a 200,000 tpa energy from waste park in Scotland. To date Stopford has conducted:

Options appraisal for AD facility

Stopford conducted an options appraisal for a consortium of farmers who are looking to install a 250 kW anaerobic digestion facility for the treatment of their cattle slurry. The study evaluated how resultant revenue streams could be maximised by considering income arising from power and biomethane sales, energy offset savings, the award of climate change Levy Exemption Certificates (LECs), plus revenue generated through three government schemes aimed at incentivising renewable energy deployment; the Renewable Obligation Scheme; Feed in Tariffs (FITs) and the forthcoming Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

AD Feasability Study for NW Brewery

Stopford Energy & Environment Ltd, in partnership with Strategic Energy Consulting, has been commissioned by a brewery to conduct an assessment into the feasibility of using anaerobic digestion to supplement onsite heat and power demand through the processing of organic waste. This study will serve to assess the feasibility from a technological, financial and planning/permitting perspective.

Biomass to energy projects

Stopford has been appointed as the Owners Engineer for the development of a number of biomass to energy projects by a renewable energy development company. The group has a project portfolio of five sites, totalling approximately 50MW in size. Four sites are located at UK ports and one is an in land site located close to a major North West wood recycler.

40MW plasma gasification facility

Stopford is currently the Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning and Management (EPCCM) contractor for a 40 MW plasma gasification plant in ($220m investment) Sri Lanka.
The plant will process 1,300 tonnes of municipal waste as a feed for the generation of electricity.

Fuel Characterisation Study

Stopford Energy and Environment conducted a fuel characterisation study for a client that is developing a portfolio of biomass to energy plants at sites across the UK. The study assessed the performance of different biomass fuels and compared the physical/chemical properties to that of existing feedstocks. The project will encompassed a suite of analytical tests including, calorific value, moisture content, ash content and elemental analysis (C,N,H,& Cl).

Technology Appraisal

Stopford Energy and Environment conducted a technology appraisal for a regional waste management company to assess the viability of their proposed waste to energy scheme. The project involved a thorough assessment of their proposed technology, waste composition analysis, a financial appraisal and an assessment into the viability of the development of a district heating system.